Big Lick Junction

You have never experienced Downtown Roanoke like this!

Located on the South-East end of the original Big Lick Salt deposits, Big Lick Junction is an alternative development: we are the intersection of environmental sustainability, historic preservation, and community focus (all, we hope, with a sense of humor).

Big Lick Junction is a mixed use development, home to Community High, and fifteen residential lofts (and one goat); Big Lick Junction offers the best in downtown living, a connection to the rich natural resources of the Roanoke valley, and a community that is rarely, if ever, bored.

Exterior front of Big Lick Junction building from across the street

Downtown Big Lick

Located at 302 Campbell Ave. S.E., Roanoke, Virginia, the crossroads of The Great Wagon Road and The Virginia Turnpike, Big Lick Junction is at the heart of Roanoke. Immediately South East of the Taubman Museum Of Art, less than a block from Roanoke’s Historic Farmer’s market, and next to Roanoke’s tastiest salt lick. You cannot live closer to Downtown Roanoke. And with the anticipated completion of the Big Lick Park (pasture), it has been determined that you cannot live in a more pleasurable place.

Over the last ten years Downtown Big Lick has come alive! With the addition of hundreds of residential apartments, the downtown area has exploded with a vitality that Big Lick has not seen in 450 million years. Downtown Roanoke is a home to over 30 restaurants!

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About Allegheny Partners

Many of the buildings that are managed by Allegheny Partners are shining examples of urban renewal and adaptive re-use properties that have a storied past. Built with integrity through strong local partnerships, Allegheny Partners hopes the communities they manage will have an enduring impact on Downtown Roanoke for years to come; to keep the city vibrant, give opportunities for individuals and families to live downtown, and create thriving, walkable neighborhoods. We strive to use only the highest quality materials to ensure each building will last for generations to come, in addition to providing a sound and more energy-efficient environment for our residents. These pillars of smart development are the key ingredients to building sustainable communities.

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